News for Winter 2022/23

Our wool processing mill is now open…….. head across to to get your fibre booked in for processing, remember we can process as little as ONE fleece!

After a long dry summer, and a very wet late autumn Tupping our ewes in their family groups has gone well, and this welcomed cold weather is proving winters do still exist….. The ewes now out on their winter keep, and have a nice amount of grass ahead of them, ready for lambing in March.

For those looking for their next project we still have a good supply of raw fleeces available, as well as sliver, roving and batts from our Mill.

As you can imagine every spare second we have at the moment we are in the mill processing, and it is great to be working with so many different breeds already.

For regular blogs and updates on our build progress please visit and view our new dedicated mill website, where you can register your interest and be one of the first to get your fleeces processed.

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About Rampisham Hill Farm

Rampisham Hill Farm is a small traditional livestock farm situated in the beautiful area of West Dorset, just outside the picturesque village of Hooke, and a short distance from the World Heritage Site of  Dorset’s famous Jurassic Coast. 

Built in the 1600’s Rampisham Hill Farm was originally just stock buildings on a drovers track over the downs, before becoming a thriving dairy farm when the drovers track was widened into a village link. Now Rampisham Hill Farm comprises rolling downland pasture and ancient woodland, which is grazed by native Pedigree Dorset Down Sheep.  Please visit the individual Wool & Raw fleeces pages for more information and the Dorset Down breeding stock for sale page.

Lamb, pork, vegetables and eggs are sold fresh from the farm at various times of the year – please see the Fresh produce page for more details.  At Rampisham Hill Farm we strongly believe that conservation can work hand in hand with commercial farming – please see the Conservation page for more details and events.

We hope you enjoy reading about the farm, please contact us if you require any further information.