• Lambing ability – lamb very easily with little assistance required
  • Lambing percentage – 145-150% (we are working to increase this via selective breeding) 
  • Age females known to take the ram – 9 months
  • Age we usually put them to the ram for the first time – 18 months
  • Percentage up take on first cycle – 75-80%
  • Age to commercial carcass weight (38 kg live weight) – 10-14 weeks
  • Age ram lambs known to work commercially – 8 months old
  • Ewes per ram – comfortably 60
  • Average ewe weight – 70 kg
  • Average stock ram weight – 90 kg
Dorset Down Best Stud Ram SW 2014 – Rampisham Hill Farm
A Dorset Down ewe in her winter wear!

The Dorset Down breed also has very sought-after wool, regarded as one of the highest grades by the British Wool Marketing Board. The wool is very fine-textured and can weigh up to 2.2 kg washed weight from a mature sheep. A lot of the wool from Dorset Downs is especially selected for the hosiery and fine tweed trades. It also makes an excellent choice for handspinners both hobbyists and professionals – for your Dorset Down fleece requirements please visit our Wool & Raw fleeces page.

We take pride in the quality of our Dorset Down flock and are pleased to be able to sell breeding stock.

Please see our stock for sale page for more details of our Dorset Down breeding stock for sale