We have commissioned a domestic photovoltaic solar panel array here at Rampisham Hill Farm. Installed by Solar Power INTL based in Middlemarsh near Sherborne, a 9.76 KWp system has been running since early May 2011. Within three months of it being commissioned we had generated more electricity than the farmhouse uses in a whole year!

Our next renewable energy project was to install a Mitsubushi Ecodan air source heat pump. We have had this running for 12 years now and are very impressed with its performance, costing about £2.25 per day to provide hot water and heating to our three-bedroom property during winter, and considerable less during summer, especially as it is using the power from our solar panels. So when we built the new mill building on the farm it was designed from the outset to include another Solar PV array and a larger Mitsubushi Ecodan air source heat pump, head over to the mill website to find out more!