Our sheepskins are produced from our Dorset Down sheep which are born and reared traditionally on our farm in Dorset and then sent to the Tannery in Devon.

Dorset Downs naturally have a very fine dense fibre, which makes the Sheepskins have an incredibly supportive but yet very soft feel

They are ideal for:
Buggy liners
Baby play mats
Pet beds
Car seat covers
Car footwell mats
Welly boot liners


Collect from the farm for £90 or for just £95 we can deliver anywhere in mainland UK.

Second Quality Sheepskins £60 (£50+VAT)

Ideal for pet beds or projects that require the sheepskins to be cut up – please email us with your requirements

Approximate size 600 x 900 mm (2 ft x 3 ft).

The Dorset Down sheepskins are priced at £90.00 each.

As textures and wool length varies between skins, we strongly advise you to come and choose your favourite. However, we are also able to offer a postage service within mainland UK at £5 if you are unable to visit us (discounts available for larger orders).

You can also cut them easily to any shape you require, using kitchen scissors. For best results part the wool first down the line you wish to cut.


Your sheepskin rug is produced from our Dorset Down sheep which are born and reared traditionally on our farm in Dorset and then sent to the Tannery in Devon for curing and final processing into the finished Sheepskin rug, and keeping them in perfect condition is easy!

Cleaning Instructions

Small marks can be removed with a damp cloth, and the wool conditioned with a stiff brush or dog grooming tool (such as the type pictured below) which are available in most pet or farm stores. Teasing the fibers every so often will help to keep it in a fantastically soft condition.

For more substantial washing it is recommended that your sheepskin is dry-cleaned by a specialist to clean and soften the leather with a comb and polish to the wool.

Alternatively you may hand wash the rug in warm water (approximately 30°C). Air dry the rug flat and without direct heat. Do not tumble dry or dry on a radiator or in direct sunlight as this will distort or shrink the leather. It is important that when the rug is nearly dry, to work the skin by hand, stretching the leather to retain its shape and soften it. Comb the wool gently with a medium wire pet brush (such as the one pictured above) to encourage the original fluffy appearance.

Do not use biological or phosphate based detergents.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.