Below are a few natural suggestions to use if you are looking to dye your fleece. Some will require mordants, commonly ALUM (Aluminium Potassium Sulfate). Please experiment or search online or in books for the best ratios before you try to dye the whole fleece in one!

Blackberries (pink – purple)
Blackcurrants (grey – deep purple)
Bracken (yellow)
Dahlia (yellow – bronze)
Damsons (purple)
Dandelion roots (purple)
Dock roots (black)
Dog’s mercury (blue)
Elder leaves (green)
Flag Iris roots (grey – black)
Hops (yellow – brown)
Lady’s Bedstraw roots (red)
Marigold (yellow – orange)
Nettles (yellow – green – grey)
Oak (brown – black)
Onion skins (brown)
Privet (green)
Sloe berries (red – pink – brown – blue)
Tea bags (brown)

April Grayson has made an intricate throw made from Dorset Down fleece we supplied to her at the Dorset County Show. She has washed it in the washing machine on the wool cycle at 30 degrees and it has come out very soft and fluffy without shrinking or felting!
Ann Sadler sent us this sample of Dorset Down fleece finely spun and knitted