News for February 2017

We have decided to award the annual fleece competition to Jay Montague for the second year in a row! As she says “Take a look at my Christmas knitwear, I had spun up about 400-500 gram of your lovely Poll Dorset fleece earlier this year and dyed it fuchsia pink. However the pink was a bit loud so I over-dyed it with blue and got purple, nice colour but still a bit bright for me. So the I over-dyed it again with scarlet and got this amazing and lovely red. I cast on 100 stitches and worked in rib until I’d used half the wool then switched to some Dorset Down which I’d dyed in the red dye bath only. I changed to seed stitch to accentuate the yolk, cast off for shoulder and carried on a bit to create this funnel neck. I knitted the back exactly the same and stitched it together with long slits for a tunic. I am blown away with the fact that the wool took all my dye failures in it’s stride! No felting or lack of spring or energy, so forgiving and a dream to knit with.” See some of Jays other projects on our ‘Wool and Raw Fleece’ page.

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