News for July 2015

A lot has been happening recently on the farm. Firstly all the sheep are now shorn and we have some fantastic fleeces to sell again this year. Please act quickly if you want to purchase yours, as the Poll Dorset Shearlings have already nearly sold out for the year. It is also with regret that we are not attending the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton Rare Breed show this year. If you used to purchase your raw fleeces there each year please let us know and we can arrange other ways of getting them to you.

The techno bods amongst you may have noticed our website has now become mobile and tablet friendly. Everyone else might have just noticed we had the same news for two months in a row while this was happening! We apologies for the slight delay and subsequent misalignment of various items while this was occurring, we are hopeful that we are very nearly back to normal now.

Meanwhile the lambs are growing very quickly and the bigger boys are beginning to be weaned before we have any accidents! Our show season is just about to start so please come and see us at Honiton show (6th August), Melplash Show (27th August) or the Dorset County Show (5-6th September).

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